You are tired of hiding pieces of you.

You feel there are parts of you missing, or

That the real YOU has gotten lost in the bustle of life.

There’s no time or space left in your life for YOU or your needs or desires.

YOU feel like you are absent in your life.

You know you’re here to make an impact and yet you feel stuck


You remember that there is a special part of you that you want to reconnect with.

You are ready to take off your armour of protection

You are ready to be seen for who you really are

You are ready to be seen as the AUTHENTIC YOU

You are ready to LOVE the real you

And show the world the REAL you

You’re done waiting for “someday”

You are ready to blossom into your WHOLE self.

You are ready to step into your greatness


It’s scary

It’s confusing

You aren’t sure how to show up in your old life anymore

You aren’t sure how to step fully into your “new” self

People around you don’t quite understand what’s going on with you

They want you to go back to being who you were and doing what they expected you to do

You can’t – you have to continue to transform because you want to be the greatest, most authentic version of yourself.

There is tension in your relationships, at home, at work, with friends.

You need help navigating the changes

You could definitely use a cheerleader in your corner

You would love to have someone to guide you who understands what you’re going through.


If you do the work…

You will get clear on what you want

You will release your masks, take off your armour, and still feel protected. Perhaps more protected and solid than ever. Because you will be embodying your truest self and you will love that true self. There won’t be any need to hide anymore.

You will feel and believe that you are good enough, always.

You will have more confidence

Your self-worth and self-love will skyrocket.

You will know who YOU are and love her

You will discover pieces of yourself that have been missing or ignored and you will reconnect with the ones you want to embody.

You will stop doing behaviours that you want to stop

You will get things done and move forward

You have more ease and contentment in your life

You will reconnect with pleasure and what makes you joyful

You will step into the greater version of yourself, NOW, not someday.

You will begin living your personal legend now.

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Live the life you were meant to live, today!
Align your life with your true self NOW!
End self-sabotage.
Get clear on what you want in life.
Discover and celebrate your unique talents.


I am proud to offer Emotional Liberation Therapy through
Group Workshops and as a component of my One-on-One
Coaching practice. I am the first person to be certified in this
method, after apprenticing directly with the founder and
author, GuruMeher Khalsa.
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Currently Enrolling The Heroine’s Journey, by invitation only. Feel free to ask me for more info. You may be a great fit.


WomanSpeak’s unique curriculum is designed to support women in becoming clear, confident and influential in their speaking. It’s effective, transformative and fun.


Alana Lackey Fournet

“I fully trust Laureen to guide me. She quickly gets under the layers, to the real issue so I can deal with it.”

Katrein Ruehmland

“Laureen empowers me to look at a situation differently – more positively and in a way that serves me moving forward. I truly feel empowered!”

Deane Giordano

“Laureen’s coaching comes from a deeply centered place of wisdom. I am immediately at ease in her presence.”


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