I am committed to helping my clients live their best lives, as their most authentic selves!

My Story

Chances are, you’re a lot like me… or at least the way I used to be.
From the outside, I had it all together – a great career, good income, two wonderful children, a loving husband, and nice home. My life as a lawyer, wife, and mother looked pretty ideal.

But I wasn’t happy…
And though I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong, I knew I wasn’t living the life I had imagined…

I’ve always been a bit of a personal development junkie, and over the years, I started gaining insight into the disconnect I was feeling. I was living as a pleaser and achiever who was always trying to live up to others’ expectations, instead of my own…
Doing ALL the right things.
And doing all the things RIGHT.
But being out of alignment with something really important inside of me.
Sound familiar?
At the same time, I noticed a trend among a lot of the wonderful women I met through my job. A lot of them were living lives that didn’t allow them to shine or enjoy. They were settling, just like me.
I tried to hold on to what was “normal” for as long as I could, but after several years, my personal development work finally forced me to the edge of change. I realized I wanted to help these women outside of the courtroom, as well. I wanted to show them the precious gifts and talents they had, and empower them to make bold changes toward a joyful, fulfilling life.
I realized that if I wanted to help these incredible women, I had to make changes about how I was showing up in the world first.
Change can be scary and sometimes confusing, but instead of feeling like I’m on autopilot in a fog, I feel joy and fulfillment. And peace.
I want you to feel that.
And I know you do, too.
Let me show you how to make it happen.

Our only obligation in life is to learn our personal legend and to honour it. 
 - Paulo Coelho

When you identify your greatest abilities and gifts, and connect with your purpose, you begin living a life of joy.


My passion is helping you discover yours.


Allow me the pleasure to use my talents to help you discover your own!



I’m a certified Transformational Coach who uses neurolinguistic patterning, mind-body awareness, meditation, and yogic work to create a custom plan to help you release the old ways of doing things and discover your most enlivened, authentic self, and create a life that is true to YOU.

With well-developed intuition and a professional presence, I’m committed to helping you:


  • Get clear about what you want in life
  • Get unstuck
  • Release the expectations, scripts, and programs you’ve taken on through society but are no longer serving your true self
  • Gain the confidence and inspiration to take actionable steps toward your goals
  • Uncover and celebrate your unique gifts
  • Move from fear to action
  • Stop unwanted patterns and behaviours
  • Live your one life fully expressed
  • And so much more…

tcmPart of my life’s purpose and joy is to help other women live their lives in alignment with their authentic selves and purpose, and help them do it in a lot less time than it took me.


Alana Lackey Fournet

“I fully trust Laureen to guide me. She quickly gets under the layers, to the real issue so I can deal with it.”

Katrein Ruehmland

“Laureen empowers me to look at a situation differently – more positively and in a way that serves me moving forward. I truly feel empowered!”

Deane Giordano

“Laureen’s coaching comes from a deeply centered place of wisdom. I am immediately at ease in her presence.”

My Mission

some_summer_by_andyhutchinson-d74ljh7To sum it up, I am committed to helping my clients live their best lives, as their most authentic selves!



What does that mean? It means I hold a vision for your best life for you, I give you tools and exercises to be at your best and to make decisions and take actions that move you in the direction of your best life. It means that I hear you, and I reflect back to you the most magnificent vision of who you are. It means I help you unpack your emotional baggage and learn to use your emotions as your guides (as they were meant to be). It means I see the gifts and talents in you and I guide you to embrace all that you are, celebrate and own your uniqueness, so you can shine your unique gifts and talents in the world. It means I empower you to find your authentic voice and speak your truth.



I have a soulful presence and grace that I bring to each session. I use my well-honed intuition, my trained analytical mind, my extensive life experience, and my training as a transformational coach to guide my clients to their desired results. My “superpowers” are my sensitive intuition, my keen mind, my excellent judgment, my ability to really feel what my clients are saying, and my ability to really hear and understand my clients I am a mom of 2 children under 11 years old. My happiest mornings are spent dancing in my living room, sometimes with my children and sometimes without. I love to walk on the beach. I grew up as the eldest of 4 kids, so I never really had time to myself. I am a gardener, a country girl, I love nature, and I love to go barefoot.