Beautiful things my clients say.

Laureen is incredible at reflecting back what she hears from me adding her deep insight. She challenges me to see myself more clearly and helps me take action steps to move forward. Laureen is the master of reframing things so I can see and approach them in a whole new way. She is kind, gentle and compassionate in the way she listens and communicates with me – she really hears me and sees deep into me – but she also challenges me and holds my “feet to the fire” when I need it. She quickly gets under the layers, to the real issue so I can deal with it. I fully trust Laureen to guide me.” – Alana Lackey Fournet

“As a coach, I trust Laureen to help me with my own change-work.  She creates a safe place where I feel seen, heard and understood.  Laureen creates a container for me to share anything openly without any judgment, just love appreciation and respect.  Laureen empowers me to look at a situation differently – more positively and in a way that serves me moving forward rather than staying stuck in the negative.  Laureen has helped me feel worthy of my needs and has helped me grow from my mistakes.  Laureen helped me identify a blockage of energy in my business that was impacting all areas of my life.  It felt so good to move beyond that – better than a spa day, better than a massage!  After a session with Laureen I truly feel empowered!” – Katrein Ruehmland, Master Coach, Torch Songstress and Clairaudient Medium

“Working with Laureen was incredible! Laureen’s gentleness and kindness made way for such grace as she guided me through the issue that was hidden deep down in me. There were so many beautiful things that I took away! Laureen made it effortless and painless for me to cultivate the courage to look at the parts of myself that are subconsciously running the show.She helped me to reframe guilt and shame to powerful tools for my personal growth and transformation. The BIGGEST gift any of us can give the world is to live fully in who we really are. To be able to embrace that and operate from that is what changes lives and facilitates healing. The work Laureen did with me helped me to do that even more. The guilt and shame can bind me to so much fear and a more restricted life. Laureen helps people to see they hold their redemption in their own hands. Laureen is such a gift to this world. – Susan Hale, Transformational Life Coach

“Laureen is a gem! She uses her vast insight and intuition to gently guide her clients to their own answers, without any judgment. I found myself talking about things with her that I hadn’t told anyone else – ever. Things that needed to be said and heard. In a world of busy-ness and superficiality, she invites you to go deeper, to what really matters. She is genuine, skilled and caring. Laureen is a blessing to know and work with, and anyone would benefit from placing themselves in her capable hands!” – Libbie Vaughan, Geriatric Care Manager, Center for Optimal Brain Health

“From the moment I met Laureen, I knew she was going to be my coach! And the funny thing is, I wasn’t even sure that I would ever need a coach. I just loved talking to Laureen and she asks all the right questions. I knew that Laureen could help me move forward past some of my blocks. And, she just “got” me. Laureen’s presence is calm and grounding. I love this woman! She helped me gain clarity in just a few weeks on issues I’d spent years in therapy working on. She also makes it easy to go deep and meaningful – she knows things about my hopes and fears that even my very best friend doesn’t know about me yet. I completely trust Laureen with my soul. She’s an angel.” – Christine Kell

“Laureen has the gift of compassion and her coaching comes from a deeply centered place of wisdom. I am immediately at ease in her presence and eager to share because I feel so heard and acknowledged when she coaches me. I feel like she helps me find my own way into my future of happiness and self-confidence. She guides me, holding the vision of what’s possible and standing shoulder to shoulder with me as I move towards that clearer vision of myself. ” – Deane Giordano, Mind Money Wealth Project