I offer 1-on-1 and group coaching.

Live the life you were meant to live, today!

Align your life with your true self NOW!

End self-sabotage.

Get clear on what you want in life.

Discover and celebrate your unique talents.

Overcome unwanted behaviour.

Move from fear to action.

Get out of your rut and unstuck!

Stop unwanted behaviour and old patterns!

Celebrate your unique gifts & get them working for you!

Gain clarity, confidence and courage to step into your life, for real!


Certified as a Transformational Life Coach and influenced by years of yoga practice, meditation, and professional presence, I am committed to helping you get all this and much more!

Phone or Skype/Zoom calls mean you can be anywhere in the World.

First session is a no obligation complimentary consultation.

You have nothing to lose…except maybe some things that are no longer serving you!


One on One Sessions

Transformation takes time to take hold, so we will mutually commit to a minimum 3 months together.

  • 12 One hour sessions (one per week)
  • Held on the phone or by skype/zoom so you can be anywhere in the world
  • Together we decide what action steps you will take between sessions
  • Unlimited access to me via email between sessions to provide updates
  • One 15 minute “SOS” call per month, if needed
  • Your Investment = $800 CAD per month


I am proud to offer Emotional Liberation Therapy through
Group Workshops and as a component of my One-on-One
Coaching practice. I am the first person to be certified in this
method, after apprenticing directly with the founder and
author, GuruMeher Khalsa. This was a program that I initially
sought for my own personal development, and then found so
profoundly transformative that I committed to bringing it to
my clients.

The emotions are vital body-mind-spirit sensory equipment.
Just as your five physical senses serve to navigate your body,
emotions help you to explore your life. Your emotions are
guides, leading you toward feeling inner peace amidst the
challenges life brings.

Think of emotions as the Senses of the Soul, serving your spirit to flourish.

Emotions are widely misunderstood, and misused in 2
primary ways, either by ignoring and repressing them or by
reacting impulsively and acting under their direct control.

When we ignore and repress our emotions they accumulate
as “emotional baggage”, and over time our emotions become
less and less predictable. We unintentionally transfer past
emotional wounds to current circumstances and people,
resulting in us harming our current relationships.

Correct use of emotions requires processing them through the
intellect, with full awareness of their message, purpose, and
intent before action is taken.

The Senses of the Soul techniques teach us “emotional
hygiene” so we can pay attention to our emotions and
process them in a meaningful way every day rather than
letting them build up. We spend so much time training our
minds, and training our bodies, and we’ve rarely been taught
how to train our emotions. Senses of the Soul is the training
for this essential life-skill.

We will always have feelings. Every thought creates a feeling,
and tens of thousands of both are generated by the mind each
second. So let’s get good at using them.

Skillfully navigating the sometimes dark, yet rich world of
feelings brings freedom from early trauma, unresolved issues,
confusion, anxiety and frustration. With awareness, shifts
occur and you can gain control over what you are feeling.
You learn what you need to be happy. You can start right
now to build your relationship to your emotions.

Group Workshops:

I offer group workshops where I teach the Senses of the Soul techniques so you can use these in your every day life. You will learn these through practicing the techniques and experiencing the results.

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One on One Coaching:

I incorporate Emotional Liberation therapy into my one on one coaching sessions, as needed. When past emotional “baggage” or current emotional issues arise, we use this method to release old emotional patterns and to determine what your soul needs in order to be returned to a state of peace and happiness. You benefit from having my one on one attention to process deep heavy emotions, and my ongoing support as you move into owning your personal power. I will guide you to listen to your emotions and determine what you need in order to resolve the difficult emotions so you can again feel inner peace and joy.


Group Programs

Currently Enrolling The Heroine’s Journey, by invitation only. Feel free to ask me for more info. You may be a great fit.



Join the Movement

WomanSpeak’s unique curriculum is designed to support women in becoming clear, confident and influential in their speaking. It’s effective, transformative and fun. WomanSpeak’s practices have been featured and taught at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Women@Microsoft, TEDxWomen, and more. Circles are happening all across the United States and in 7 countries, and we are growing quickly.

Why join WomanSpeak?

This is not your typical public speaking training program.

Most public speaking training programs foster a more masculine model of leadership and professionalism training. While effective for some women, far too many feel they don’t fit the mold or have to become more like men or suppress parts of themselves in order to be taken seriously and be effective as leaders.

It’s time for a public speaking training that supports women in harnessing the power and wisdom of their bodies, and in being fully who they are, as they stand up to speak, lead and change our world.

Why is WomanSpeak so effective?

Our unique practices help women to re-wire their nervous systems so that speaking up becomes an experience of safety, power, joy and freedom.

  • WomanSpeak Circles are led with true celebration and support.
  • The women celebrate and support each other in speaking up and exercising leadership & power in their careers.
  • WomanSpeak addresses the unique fears and doubts women have about sharing their voices.
  • Women feel safe to fully be themselves, to be seen and heard, and to share their ideas.
  • Women and their voices blossom in this kind of environment and culture.

We include curriculum that supports women in clarifying and owning the value of their ideas.

We teach women how to prepare and deliver talks, presentations and communications that move, impact and influence their listeners.

  • Public talks on stages
  • Presentations at work
  • One-on-One conversations (business and personal)
  • Group/team meetings
  • Fundraising conversations and more…

We deal with the unique challenges that come up for women around sharing their voices in front of men.

We provide a very supportive and celebratory environment.

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Alana Lackey Fournet

“I fully trust Laureen to guide me. She quickly gets under the layers, to the real issue so I can deal with it.”

Katrein Ruehmland

“Laureen empowers me to look at a situation differently – more positively and in a way that serves me moving forward. I truly feel empowered!”

Deane Giordano

“Laureen’s coaching comes from a deeply centered place of wisdom. I am immediately at ease in her presence.”