What do you want to be?

What do you want to be?

Deciding what we want to “be” in terms of work is a massive decision, that we are called on to make at, what now seems, a young age.  Recently, I talked with a young friend who just graduated high school and was reminded (1) how much anxiety this decision brings, and (2) how very young we are when we are asked to make this decision.  Do we really know ourselves well enough at 17 or 18 years old to make a decision about what we want for a career for a good number of years.  In actual fact, the first career choice may not be the one that prevails for the long term, and many of us make career and life changes many times throughout our lives.  But, lets face it, even if we don’t see it as a “fixed in stone” decision, it still is a biggie – usually meaning years of commitment to study or training, and thousands of dollars of investment in tuitions.  Add the pressure of external expectations, and an almost complete void of knowing what we want in life and it isn’t much wonder recent graduates are riddled with anxiety, often paralyzed with this decision.

Now, in my “middle age” I ask “what are my gifts that I want to use” rather than “what do I want to be”.  I think this kind of re-frame would help our young people as well.  However, most young people have very little understanding of what their true gifts and abilities are.  Perhaps that is the better question to be asking them to think about:  “What gifts and abilities do you possess that you would like to use in your daily work?”  This question focuses the inquiry inward rather than looking externally and trying to tell the future. I believe that each and every person brings unique gifts and abilities to the world, and think that is amazing!  When the work we do is in alignment with our particular gifts and abilities then we are happier in all areas of our lives.  What are your personal gifts and abilities?  Let them shine!

I can help you get clear on what your gifts are, get clarity about what you want in life, and help you move into action to achieve what you want.


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